Tim Williams is Sharing the Wealth

This week Spiewak wants to introduce you to Brooklyn's troubadour Tim Williams--an artist well suited for your October i-pod playlist--through an incredibly simple contest.  Please email contests(at)spiewak.com  with your name and anything else you'd like to get off your chest and you will be automatically entered to win a great package of music and a free jacket from our fall collection.  This contest will run through October 2nd.  Click the title for more details.

So you know how everyone frets about what to get a guy for [insert holiday here]? Socks?  Another wallet?  A nosehair trimmer?

Well for most guys I know, just buy something off uncrate.com and we will celebrate your uncanny sense of "man-style," fret about what to buy you for the next holiday, and in-turn spend a bunch of money to compensate.

Click the title to read their nice words about Spiewak's S9443 Martin Jacket or click here to go to the product detail page. Available at a fine retailer near you.

Ascots Aplenty
Fashion week's party on the high seas, Yachts and Ascots, was a salty success.  Way Over Budget, Spiewak, and Jaan J. Ties were so impressed with the turn out and style that we ended up naming three seperate winners.   Click the title to see a selection of the fine fashions. 

Soulastatic | September 26th | Göteborg, Sweden
All the world needs is a little more soul.  With that in mind, one of the best events Spiewak has found to sponsor throughout the whole world premiers on September 26th in Götenborg, Sweden.  So come by and dance the night away to cuts of northern, rare, and modern soul.  Click the title for details. 

14 oz. Store | Magazine | Tradeshow
Berlin is an evolving city steeped in history, has a relatively low cost of living, and maintains a bohemian edge that results in a mind-blowing night--into day--life, artists, and shops.  Heads above the rest is a shop called 14 oz., winner of "Store of the Year 2009."  Their focus is on brands that have a deep sense of heritage, a passion for details, and still employ traditional production techniques.  This is where Spiewak comes in.  The lovely spread is taken from the September issue of a magazine they publish.  Click the title to read the article.

Yachts + Ascots Party - 9/17/09
Join us Thursday September 17th as we revive a classic look at our "Yachts and Ascots" celebration at Harbour (290 Hudson St @ Spring St). Complimentary Dark 'n Stormy Cocktails courtesy of Gosling Rum (www.goslingsrum.com) from 9-10pm plus prizes for best yacht attire and best ascot courtesy of Spiewak (www.spiewak.com) and Jaan J. - Vegan Ties & Cotton Ties (www.jaanj.com). rsvp on our facebook site or by clicking here: http://www.wayoverbudget.com/rsvp42.html.

Complimentary admission with yachting attire or ascot. $5 without.

Spiewak + Ascot
Well isn't this jacket the cat's meow?  What we have here is a vintage 1960's Spiewak Parbuster with paisley lining and attached ascot. 

If you are in NY on September 17th, come by the Yachts + Ascots event where we will be giving away jackets to the best dressed.

Jennifer Aniston caught out with Spiewak
Jennifer Aniston chooses to snuggle up in the cozy Air Force Snorkel Parka. 
The US made parka is fuzzier and more dependable than Mr. Pitt, that's for sure.