FPO Features Spiewak's History Book (and we are really excited)
FPO, a blog that showcases beautiful and interesting projects in the realm of printed matter, was gracious enough to feature Spiewak's own history book.  Click HERE for information on obtaining one of Spiewak's limited edition history books as well as find the link to the full post. 

In The Trenches With Spiewak
San Francisco boutique AB Fits showcased 3 of its favorite spring trenches from Spiewak.

Wildcat G8WEP Jacket Featured on The Awesomer
Spiewak's Wildcat G8WEP was praised on TheAwesomer.com as a functional and stylish jacket for spring.

Tia's Place Brings a Fresh, Modern Aesthetic to NY and NJ
Spiewak interviewed Megan O'Sullivan, the owner of Tia's in Grand Central Station and Tia's Place in NJ.  Find out more about Megan's fabulous stores inspired by her grandmother Tia, and her favorite items for spring 2010.

Big Shot Magazine Spotlights the Wildcat G8WEP for Spring
Spiewak's Wildcat G8WEP is exactly the update your spring wardrobe needs.