Spiewak Featured in Cult Streetwear

Spiewak is one of 32 streetwear brands featured in Cult Streetwear, a book by Josh Sims. Cult Streetwear traces Spiewak's history, which began as an American workwear brand in 1904 making sheepskin vests for the dockworkers along New York's waterfront. The company went on to produce military uniforms for WWI and WWII which led to it's growing presence on the fashion scene as military-inspired clothing took hold in the 1940's and 1950's. The 1970's marked the era of the iconic snorkel parka, which Spiewak originally made for the US Air Force. Decades later, as streetwear has embraced the styles and silhouettes of uniform workwear, Spiewak continues to make its mark.  


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