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Spiewak A/W 2010: [Supplier Of The Golden Fleece.]

The American Dream, for Isaac Spiewak, began in a one room loft in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn in the Fall of 1904…
More than a century later, it is both the pre-eminent name in industrial uniform workwear, and darkhorse streetwear brand.
In keeping with its founder’s focus to quality and durability, Spiewak has always made product innovation a central thrust of its business. They have taken years of research and applied it to working with industry leaders such as DuPont and 3M to craft tech-enhanced outerwear components, as well as creating some of its own proprietary materials.

Spiewak went from kitting out New York dock workers on the waterfront with his “Golden Fleece” to being a military supplier in WWI and WWII. The company continues it’s tour of duty as a surplus supplier to not only the military, but first-response teams such as police, firefighters and ems personnel the world over.
Isaac Spiewak came to America from Warsaw, Poland with the hope of bringing his family and grinding hard at a chance for a better life—Eventually all six of his sons came to work for the company and all joined him in America in the running of the family business…
106 years later, it’s not a mystery why it remains a privately held business run by Isaac Spiewak’s great-grandson, Roy Spiewak—as he continues to forge the same commitment to integrity of fit, construction and durability that reinforce the stealth of this iconic American brand.
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1. Thanks so much for inclusion and links to your blog--I'm much obliged. 100 years of manufacturing down and many more years of dope product to come.

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