Spiewak's VizGuard Systems Parka featured in Newsday's section of Long Island Life
Alan Weiss, deputy director of construction at Ground Zero, wears Spiewak's S577V.

Mayor Bloomberg Wears a Spiewak S911 Vest on the Job With NYC Dept. of Transportation
Mayor Bloomberg fills NYC's 2 millionth pothole under his watch wearing a Spiewak VizGuard vest. 

ANSI-Compliance Without Breaking the Bank
Bring on the spring showers. Spiewak's reversible single-layer raingear is an affordable option to keep you dry and visible during any storm. 

Spiewak's SPDU receives high praise from EMS1.com
EMS1.com, an online news and resource site for paramedics and first responders, touts Spiewak's SPDU, Spiewak Performance Duty Uniforms, as the most advanced duty uniform they have ever seen.